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About Us

The Marble group Celtic is international association for serving the construction community all over the world by supply the finest stones.
In Celtic we believe that each stone comes from the nature has its own character and personality, Celtic team mission is to collect all the different kind of stones all over the world and presented them in a random way which is making a perfect homogenies between all those different colors and create at the end one unify sample of beauty project. Celtic team which is our expertise staff and our natural stones works together to give always a new ideas and new views of how the simplicity and a new creation can always be something unique that you never saw before, that’s reflected in our production process to make sure that all the stones we supply is matching with the project requirements and needs. Every single stone passes through a long process of quality and inspection.
One of the major goals for Celtic team is the customer follow up operation with that we make sure the customer receive a weekly report about the status of his orders even after the shipping we keep the customer posted till we make sure that he received the shipment.
the main goal is to provide all kind of service and support for our customers we make sure that we give him all the options and advices which helps him in making the decision about what product will be suitable for his project, also we provide a consulting service for our customers during the installation or even after the installation, we consider the product presented is our crew member and we make sure that we take good care of our crew……..